History and Members

KICKSTART RUMBLE was born in the late summer of 2009 when Junior Douglas answered an ad that Michael Paul had been running off and on for about two years, looking for an 'upright bass player into rockabilly music.' This early line up featured Jim Savo on drums, who also came up with the bands name, Kickstart Rumble. The first KsR show was at Merlins (now defunct) on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo, NY and the band played covers of some of their favorite artists including Elvis, The Stray Cats, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.

The members of KsR all have a passion for music that comes out on stage and this helped fuel interest in the early days, allowing the band to catch the attention of local talent agents and fans alike. There were growing pains, including many drummer changes, but the group eventually found time keeper John Coco and KsR kept payin' their dues in the local music scene. This brought more shows and the band even began to work on original music.

Fast forward a few years, and KsR is still delivering its own brand of music with a vintage sound. Although the lineup has evolved, things keep getting better with the addition of Jeff Schaller on drums, the permanency of our long time keyboard player, Adam Schmidt, and Eric Wozniak on Saxophone! You never know what you might hear or see at a Kickstart Rumble show. Maybe one of our originals will become your new favorite song, or we might play something you already know, in a way you've never heard before. There's always dancing and our fans are definitely not shy. Everything else aside, one thing is for sure, we guarantee a high energy show filled with All-American Rock and Roll!

Michael Paul - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Schaller - Drums, Vocals
Matt Schutt - Bass
- Saxophone

With special thanks to: Eric Wozniak (Sax), Tony Iannone (Bass) Madison Rich (Drums), Junior Douglas (upright bass, vocals), Adam Schmidt (Piano), John Coco. (drums), Chris VanCleve (upright bass, drums), Bill Wachowiak (drums), Andy Peruzzini (trumpet), Dan Delano (Keyboards), for helping fill in the empty spots.